Sep 082018

Top 5 Ways to Find Affordable Comics in Your City

Do you like reading the comic the most? What kind of comic that you are so into? There might be a lot of comics that you have read. However, like a thirsty vampire, you will not end up at that point since you will need more and more comics to read. As a comic geek, it feels like you cannot resist your e to dive in more and more comic series. In fact, it will take your money more. However, don’t be sad at this fact since you still can get the most affordable comic in your city.

The Best Places to Buy Affordable Comics

We all know that comics have various prices. Most of them are also limited and have a high price. In that case, you can be broke at once. However, there are more ways to get your favorite comics without making you poor in a minute. So, here are the best-recommended places to buy affordable comics:

  • Book Fair Event

For the first thing, you need to mark on your calendar is book fair. Although some of the book fairs are identically only for novel and other types of the book besides comic, you still need to try. There is some book fair which have various comics. Moreover, the price in book fair is lower than the price in the bookstore. It can be up to 80%, based on the event itself. That is why it is highly recommended for you to know the upcoming book fair event in your city. Just mark your calendar and save more to get more comics collection.

  • Comic Conventions

One of the best places to find your favorite comics in affordable price is comic conventions (Comic-Con). Basically, there will be many vendors who compete with each other by selling their comics at a lower price. There is a trick that you can try for buying a comic in the convention. You need to ask from one dealer to another dealer. Asking for the price and compare with competitive price. If none of them will give you the best price, so you can wait until the end of the convention. Since most the dealers do not want to drag their items back, so they have a high tendency to give you a higher discount. At that point, you will get a cheaper comic.

  • Flea Market

Actually, it is not a big secret that you can find cheaper things in the flea market. If you are in luck, you will find your favorite comics there. Nowadays, you can even find a store which will sell certain things like the comic. You can browse the recommended flea market that sells comic well, then go there with many preparations. However, you have to make sure that you get the comic which is not only a good price but also good condition. At least, the price won’t lie on the condition of comic itself.

  • Online Store or Comic Forums

Recently, people tend to buy anything through online. One of the reason is the lower price than a conventional store. You can even try to find the affordable comics that you want on an online store. Start with the comic forums which usually promote the members’ collection to be sold. Then, you can also try to find it into the online platform. Just find the best price with the best comic.

Bonus Tips: Get Free Comic Here

If you are interested more in reading rather than having it, so you can even get it for free. It means that you are not too care whether you will have it as a collection or just read it to collect the story in your mind. You can even get a free comic if you have this kind of style.

As you know that library is heaven for many books. You can even find various comics which are selected to be displayed. You can sign as a member of the library then access the comic as much as you want.