Oct 122018

Taking Care of Your Comic Book Collection in Easy Ways

Are you a comic geek who has various comic collections at your home? Have you stored it well? Reading comics is the most interesting hobby that everyone can do. You can learn the value on the comic too. Moreover, there is also a lot of illustrators started their career after found the comic that they love the most. However, as a comic geek, you have not only to read more and more comics but also you have to keep them well. It will be wasted if you cannot keep it for long.

Step by Step to Keep Your Comics Collection Well

If you have more concern about it, so it is time for you to know how to keep, clean and handle your comics well. Here are three easy steps to let your comics breathe easily at your room:

  • Concern on the Comic First

The first thing you need to concern is the comic itself. You need to let it has a cover. Some of the comic geeks already start with the idea to seal-back their most precious comic with a plastic shell. However, if you sealed-back your comic so that you cannot read it again afterward. If you are kind of people who want to re-read your comics so you cannot follow this thing. One way to let it cover is by covering with the plastic shell rather than seal it back. Avoid using stapler since it will damage your comic. It is better to use tape rather than a stapler to keep it clean.

  • Watch Where You Store It

If you already cover your comics well, so you need to concern more about where you will place them all. In an easy way, you need to store your comics in neutral temperature which is not too humid for the book. In specific, you have to store your comics in a place with temperature in 18 degrees to 22 degrees of Celsius. It happens since at this temperature, you will find its warm which is around 50%. It is the best condition for your comic since the too humid place will make your comics mold easily. On the other hand, the low temperature will also make your comic discolor easily.

Then, you also need to concern on the light. It prefers to place your bookshelf where all your comics are stored at the north. At this place, your comics will not directly get sunlight. Moreover, you need also to avoid a room which has more plants since it will invite more insects and then your comic will be damaged easily. The important point for placing your bookshelf is never placed it against the outside wall.

  • Handling the Comics Properly

Besides covering the comics and store them at the best corner, you need also concern on how you handle your comics. Although comic is just a thing, you still need to keep it with heart. Although you will read it the most, you still need to handle it with care.

If you want to read your comic or even just grab it to move it to another place, make sure that your hands are clean. It will avoid the stains will appear on your comics. Just keep all kind of foods and drinks away from your comics if you are kind of sloppy one. Just put away any kind of possible things that will leave any stains on your comics and bookshelf. Then, don’t ever to open your comic more than 180 degrees or even fold it back since it will damage your comic as well. Keep your place clean and keep yourself clean so your comic will be in good condition.