May 082018

Review Of The Best Marvel Comics

In the following article, we will discuss the review of some of the best comics from Marvel. There have been many Marvel comics that are very interesting to read besides the films from Marvel itself which are very interesting to watch. One of the Marvel comics that deserves to be the main choice is the Infinity Gauntlet.

Thanos’s Character on Infinity Gauntlet Comics

Well maybe this comic series has been read by many people, or maybe you know it. Back then when the trailer for Infinity War was released, we know it that the story is from the comic miniseries. But the artwork maybe not liked by some people because there is no old raster technology or vector-like right now. But in terms of story, this comic is good even though in the ending section it’s strange. But who understands the old comic story, they can admit it. Sometimes the dialogue is weird according to some people. The story is actually funny, compared to the film. But Thanos’s motivation here looking for an infinity gauntlet doesn’t make sense, but you can try to read it yourself.

X-Men Magneto Testament

This comic from Marvel, of course, is a Marvel Comic masterpiece. Not like in mainstream Marvel comics such the criminals versus superheroes. Here is said Magneto, when he was 15 when he was in the Holocaust era, this Magneto was a Jew, so from a small age. He got discrimination and his family’s loss because they were killed by the Nazis. Initial impressions after reading the first page, some people think this comic is definitely good. From artwork to diction, it’s not too ‘cheesy’ or forced. This comic reminds some people of the Schindler List movie or The Pianist. In terms of the comic story, it looks more like the comics from the publisher outside the Marvel or DC. It doesn’t look like this is a Marvel comic. Anyway, if you are fans of Marvel, you must read this comic.

‘Daredevil Born Again’

Have you seen TV series Daredevil on Netflix? If you like TV series, you would love to read this comic. This title is more arc story, so from what chapter to the next chapter the story is connected. Also sometimes Marvel makes a paperback. So it’s really long, but some people really like that the dialogue isn’t cheap and seems childish. The conflict is also not as simple as other Marvel comics, here it is told that the deeper conflict of Kingpin and Matt Murdock (Daredevil). The story told about the Kingpin knows the Daredevil identity so friends or people closest to Daredevil are targeted. This comic is good, including many people favorite comics.

Of course, there are many more comics from Marvel that are very fun and worth reading. For example, like the Civil War, Annihilation comics and other Marvel comics. That’s it information this time which discusses the review of some of best Marvel’s comics. I hope this review can be useful for all of you, especially fans of Marvel comics.