Jan 032018

Review Of The Best DC Comics

Of the many superhero comics published by DC Comics, there are several famous series that take a background in the future. Most of the comics do tell an alternative world, but still, the comics with a future background are also interesting and much in demand by DC fans. Are you curious about the future of the superheroes we know, to answer that curiosity, this time we will discuss some of those comics?

Kingdom Come 1-4 Comic

This DC comic is one of the most immersive stories of the future and which is definitely a loss if you miss it. This comic that tells the story of one of the alternatives for the future of DC was raised by the duo of Alex Ross and also Mark Waid. Tells about a bearded Superman and an old beard and his activities turn into taking care of the fields, Flash continues to move faster until he is invisible, and Batman needs an outer frame to support his already destroyed body.

Meanwhile, the world peace that the superhero fought during his life is now getting away from his grasp. At this time, the world hailed an antihero group led by Magog. Until there seems to be no more hope for the old superheroes. But the new JLA was activated again and again fought against Magog in beautiful panels by Alex Ross.

‘Batman Dark Knight Return’ Comic

Best DC Comics of Batman from the author Frank Miller can be said the best DC story that cannot be doubted. This work is set in the future whose even inspired Steve Mc Niven and also Mark Miller to make comic Logan Old Man. Setting it up for the next twenty years, where Bruce Wayne has retired as Batman. Unfortunately, because the city of Gotham is still littered with criminals who have no mercy on others.

And what worse is, mortal enemies like the Joker also Twi Face are still free to roam to support their crazy brains. Finally, Batman (Dark Knight) must return to action wearing his black costume. On the other hand, Superman has become a government tool to hunt him down. The battle between the two was inevitable. This story of ‘Dark Knight Returns’ is also one of the stories that inspired the film Batman versus Superman ‘Dawn of Justice’.

‘DC One Million’ 1-4 Comic

This DC comic experiment is to make the story more exciting than ever, DC made alternative continuity in the 53rd century. With Kryptonite bullets, end of the world in the true sense and Arkham Asylum on Pluto. DC One Million was made to commemorate the first edition of a million published.

‘Whatever Happened to Man of Tomorrow’, Superman 432, Action Comics 583

Are you curious about how are the last days of the big hero Superman? That question was answered by Alan Moore who was asked to complete Superman continuity before re-booting in mid-1986. Alan Moore made the story about last days of Superman by attacking the Solitude Fortress by his greatest enemies which are Lex Luthor, Legion of Super Villain and also Brainiac. In this comic, Superman was thought to have died, but at the end of the story, it is told that the hero is still alive using his civilian identity.

That’s all the review about a review of some of the best comics from DC comic. For you DC fans, of course, you have to know some of the comics above which are indeed the best comics from DC comics. Of course, there are still many more exciting comics from DC comics. Hopefully, this info can be useful for all of you.