Oct 152018

Reading Comic Tips for a Newbie

The comic book is one of the most interesting books. Some people even prefer to read comic rather than other types of book. One of the reasons is the comic has amazing pictures which will not let the reader getting bored easily. Moreover, comics nowadays also have various genres which interests more people of a different age. From romance, thriller, sci-fi to the family can be found for comic. However, for you, a new comic reader, don’t get nervous. Comic world is an interesting world where you can dive in more and more.

How to Read Comic Book Heavenly

If you are not so into the book but you are interested in the comic, so there are some ways to increase your interest in reading comic. Although different people have a different style and taste to read a comic, you can try to find these tips helpful for a start. So, here are four ways to let you read comic heavenly:

  • Know How to Read the Comic

For the first thing that you need to know is how a comic read. It is not about reading words inside but it is about step to step to read it. In fact, there are some different style of reading a comic based on its origin. For the Western comic, you can start the comic from left to right. Then, you have to read it from the top to bottom. On the other hand, most of Japanese comic will start from right to left and you can read it from right top to the left bottom.

On comic, you will find that there is a different shape of dialogue bubbles. It was made not only based on its aesthetic, but it has a purpose. The different bubble is different form. For the first is a circular bubble which is for the speech bubble. If you find this bubble, so it means that the character is talking out loud. Then, there is also jagged bubble with bold text which means that the character is shouting. After that, you will also find a puffy cloud bubbles which means that it is a kind of character’s mind thinking. The last, the rectangular blocks or square which is for narrator telling the situation.

  • Choose the Interesting Story Line

If you have no idea about what kind of comic you need to read, so you can start with some points. First, you need to figure out the genre that you interested much in general. In that situation, you can find the comic based on its genre and try to find the interesting point in certain comic. Second, you can also choose the comic based on the writer. You can ask your friend who is in a long way in this comic world for recommending the best comic writer to know.

  • Start with Whatever Kind of Comic

If you cannot start with the previous tips, so it is not the end for you since you start with whatever comic that you found first. It will be best if you are not too picky to dive into something. You can find at least one comic which is interesting you more. After that, explore more genre that you want to read the most. Basically, you will go naturally to choose at the bookstore.

  • Collect the Series

Once you are interested and find it comfortable, you will end up collecting the comic series. Most of the comics are series, so you need to read all the series to know the storyline well. If you start to try to collect the comic, so you can do the research. Find the best store with an affordable yet interesting comic that you want.