May 102018

Marvel Comics You Must Download

Now, to be able to read DC comics or Marvel comics, you can download it. Download activities including Comic Download itself have been done by many people today. There are already several internet sites that you can visit to download some DC comics and Marvel comics. Of course, Marvel comics are very exciting to read because the story is unique, challenging and very interesting. Here are some recommended Marvel comics for you.

One Of The Best Marvel’s Comics, CIVIL WAR

This worth Comic Download is one of the most famous titles which published in 2006 – 2007. This comic is a Marvel Comics crossover with a total of 7 issues with the same title and written by Mark Millar and also Steve McNiven. The story begins with the New Warriors while trying to conquer Nitro, they were involved in a bombing that killed 600 people, including elementary school children in Stamford. There is ‘Superhuman Registration Act’, which is a government program for anyone who needs more strength and ability than ordinary people to register with the government. Then they can reveal themselves and practice with the government if they want to continue using their power.

In the end, this caused Iron Man to lead a group that supported the program or called Pro Registration. Then Captain America led a group that did not support the program called Anti Registration, with the two fighting each other in this event. After the fight, Tony Stark or Iron Man becomes Director of SHIELD, and after that, there is a way about death although temporarily from Captain America. It took years for Thore, Iron Man and Cap to correct their actions. Marvel & many people like this story.

Age of Apocalypse

The Apocalypse was mentioned as the first mutant in the Marvel Universe, the original name was ‘En Sabah Nur’, or what could be interpreted as ‘The First’. He was born with gray and also blue skin around his face and received the gift of possessing a strong power from birth. The various powers he has include flying, immunity, superpowers, teleportation, telekinesis, and invincible. So the Age of Apocalypse tells us that Xavier’s son who is David Heller or Legion decided to make his father’s dream come true. He times travel and returned to the past when Magneto and Xavier were friends.

He wanted to kill Magneto and get rid of those who were blocking Charles Xavier. Of course, this was very wrong because at that time they were still friends, and Charles jumped from the explosion. Immediately the explosion killed him and sent waves of reality all the time. This results in the world as we know it is frozen in crystal bubbles and also creating alternative universes. In this new world, the Apocalypse woke up earlier, before the X-Men could be formed to stop it, and he managed to take over the world.

‘Night Gwen Stacy Died’

Like the title, this worth Comic Download story tells of the events that caused Gwen Stacy to die. Beyond Uncle Ben’s death, you could say that Amazing Spider-Man 121-122 are the most important issue in the whole life of Peter Parker. The story begins with Norman Osborn, who returns to Green Goblin, kidnaps Peter Parker’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy and throws himself off the bridge. It seems that Spider-Man managed to save him, and his net managed to catch his ankle. However, suddenly the net stopped and tied his neck. This is truly a very tragic story, it was a big and unpredictable surprise. Peter Parker’s heart was completely destroyed and he was still surprised by what he did. Also in 1973, it was something that could make many people interested in seeing comics, especially superhero comics, of course in very different ways.

The Dark Phoenix Saga

Dark Phoenix Saga, until now still referred to as the best story of X-Men. Dark Phoenix Saga began it’s way back in 1976 when Jean Gray first came into contact with Phoenix Force. This is the work of Chris Claremont also John Byrne, with truly great moments for many individual members of X-Men. That’s it, you can read those comics with Comic Download.