Oct 152018

Reading Comic Tips for a Newbie

The comic book is one of the most interesting books. Some people even prefer to read comic rather than other types of book. One of the reasons is the comic has amazing pictures which will not let the reader getting bored easily. Moreover, comics nowadays also have various genres which interests more people of a different age. From romance, thriller, sci-fi to the family can be found for comic. However, for you, a new comic reader, don’t get nervous. Comic world is an interesting world where you can dive in more and more.

How to Read Comic Book Heavenly

If you are not so into the book but you are interested in the comic, so there are some ways to increase your interest in reading comic. Although different people have a different style and taste to read a comic, you can try to find these tips helpful for a start. So, here are four ways to let you read comic heavenly:

  • Know How to Read the Comic

For the first thing that you need to know is how a comic read. It is not about reading words inside but it is about step to step to read it. In fact, there are some different style of reading a comic based on its origin. For the Western comic, you can start the comic from left to right. Then, you have to read it from the top to bottom. On the other hand, most of Japanese comic will start from right to left and you can read it from right top to the left bottom.

On comic, you will find that there is a different shape of dialogue bubbles. It was made not only based on its aesthetic, but it has a purpose. The different bubble is different form. For the first is a circular bubble which is for the speech bubble. If you find this bubble, so it means that the character is talking out loud. Then, there is also jagged bubble with bold text which means that the character is shouting. After that, you will also find a puffy cloud bubbles which means that it is a kind of character’s mind thinking. The last, the rectangular blocks or square which is for narrator telling the situation.

  • Choose the Interesting Story Line

If you have no idea about what kind of comic you need to read, so you can start with some points. First, you need to figure out the genre that you interested much in general. In that situation, you can find the comic based on its genre and try to find the interesting point in certain comic. Second, you can also choose the comic based on the writer. You can ask your friend who is in a long way in this comic world for recommending the best comic writer to know.

  • Start with Whatever Kind of Comic

If you cannot start with the previous tips, so it is not the end for you since you start with whatever comic that you found first. It will be best if you are not too picky to dive into something. You can find at least one comic which is interesting you more. After that, explore more genre that you want to read the most. Basically, you will go naturally to choose at the bookstore.

  • Collect the Series

Once you are interested and find it comfortable, you will end up collecting the comic series. Most of the comics are series, so you need to read all the series to know the storyline well. If you start to try to collect the comic, so you can do the research. Find the best store with an affordable yet interesting comic that you want.

Oct 122018

Taking Care of Your Comic Book Collection in Easy Ways

Are you a comic geek who has various comic collections at your home? Have you stored it well? Reading comics is the most interesting hobby that everyone can do. You can learn the value on the comic too. Moreover, there is also a lot of illustrators started their career after found the comic that they love the most. However, as a comic geek, you have not only to read more and more comics but also you have to keep them well. It will be wasted if you cannot keep it for long.

Step by Step to Keep Your Comics Collection Well

If you have more concern about it, so it is time for you to know how to keep, clean and handle your comics well. Here are three easy steps to let your comics breathe easily at your room:

  • Concern on the Comic First

The first thing you need to concern is the comic itself. You need to let it has a cover. Some of the comic geeks already start with the idea to seal-back their most precious comic with a plastic shell. However, if you sealed-back your comic so that you cannot read it again afterward. If you are kind of people who want to re-read your comics so you cannot follow this thing. One way to let it cover is by covering with the plastic shell rather than seal it back. Avoid using stapler since it will damage your comic. It is better to use tape rather than a stapler to keep it clean.

  • Watch Where You Store It

If you already cover your comics well, so you need to concern more about where you will place them all. In an easy way, you need to store your comics in neutral temperature which is not too humid for the book. In specific, you have to store your comics in a place with temperature in 18 degrees to 22 degrees of Celsius. It happens since at this temperature, you will find its warm which is around 50%. It is the best condition for your comic since the too humid place will make your comics mold easily. On the other hand, the low temperature will also make your comic discolor easily.

Then, you also need to concern on the light. It prefers to place your bookshelf where all your comics are stored at the north. At this place, your comics will not directly get sunlight. Moreover, you need also to avoid a room which has more plants since it will invite more insects and then your comic will be damaged easily. The important point for placing your bookshelf is never placed it against the outside wall.

  • Handling the Comics Properly

Besides covering the comics and store them at the best corner, you need also concern on how you handle your comics. Although comic is just a thing, you still need to keep it with heart. Although you will read it the most, you still need to handle it with care.

If you want to read your comic or even just grab it to move it to another place, make sure that your hands are clean. It will avoid the stains will appear on your comics. Just keep all kind of foods and drinks away from your comics if you are kind of sloppy one. Just put away any kind of possible things that will leave any stains on your comics and bookshelf. Then, don’t ever to open your comic more than 180 degrees or even fold it back since it will damage your comic as well. Keep your place clean and keep yourself clean so your comic will be in good condition.

Sep 082018

Top 5 Ways to Find Affordable Comics in Your City

Do you like reading the comic the most? What kind of comic that you are so into? There might be a lot of comics that you have read. However, like a thirsty vampire, you will not end up at that point since you will need more and more comics to read. As a comic geek, it feels like you cannot resist your e to dive in more and more comic series. In fact, it will take your money more. However, don’t be sad at this fact since you still can get the most affordable comic in your city.

The Best Places to Buy Affordable Comics

We all know that comics have various prices. Most of them are also limited and have a high price. In that case, you can be broke at once. However, there are more ways to get your favorite comics without making you poor in a minute. So, here are the best-recommended places to buy affordable comics:

  • Book Fair Event

For the first thing, you need to mark on your calendar is book fair. Although some of the book fairs are identically only for novel and other types of the book besides comic, you still need to try. There is some book fair which have various comics. Moreover, the price in book fair is lower than the price in the bookstore. It can be up to 80%, based on the event itself. That is why it is highly recommended for you to know the upcoming book fair event in your city. Just mark your calendar and save more to get more comics collection.

  • Comic Conventions

One of the best places to find your favorite comics in affordable price is comic conventions (Comic-Con). Basically, there will be many vendors who compete with each other by selling their comics at a lower price. There is a trick that you can try for buying a comic in the convention. You need to ask from one dealer to another dealer. Asking for the price and compare with competitive price. If none of them will give you the best price, so you can wait until the end of the convention. Since most the dealers do not want to drag their items back, so they have a high tendency to give you a higher discount. At that point, you will get a cheaper comic.

  • Flea Market

Actually, it is not a big secret that you can find cheaper things in the flea market. If you are in luck, you will find your favorite comics there. Nowadays, you can even find a store which will sell certain things like the comic. You can browse the recommended flea market that sells comic well, then go there with many preparations. However, you have to make sure that you get the comic which is not only a good price but also good condition. At least, the price won’t lie on the condition of comic itself.

  • Online Store or Comic Forums

Recently, people tend to buy anything through online. One of the reason is the lower price than a conventional store. You can even try to find the affordable comics that you want on an online store. Start with the comic forums which usually promote the members’ collection to be sold. Then, you can also try to find it into the online platform. Just find the best price with the best comic.

Bonus Tips: Get Free Comic Here

If you are interested more in reading rather than having it, so you can even get it for free. It means that you are not too care whether you will have it as a collection or just read it to collect the story in your mind. You can even get a free comic if you have this kind of style.

As you know that library is heaven for many books. You can even find various comics which are selected to be displayed. You can sign as a member of the library then access the comic as much as you want.

May 102018

Marvel Comics You Must Download

Now, to be able to read DC comics or Marvel comics, you can download it. Download activities including Comic Download itself have been done by many people today. There are already several internet sites that you can visit to download some DC comics and Marvel comics. Of course, Marvel comics are very exciting to read because the story is unique, challenging and very interesting. Here are some recommended Marvel comics for you.

One Of The Best Marvel’s Comics, CIVIL WAR

This worth Comic Download is one of the most famous titles which published in 2006 – 2007. This comic is a Marvel Comics crossover with a total of 7 issues with the same title and written by Mark Millar and also Steve McNiven. The story begins with the New Warriors while trying to conquer Nitro, they were involved in a bombing that killed 600 people, including elementary school children in Stamford. There is ‘Superhuman Registration Act’, which is a government program for anyone who needs more strength and ability than ordinary people to register with the government. Then they can reveal themselves and practice with the government if they want to continue using their power.

In the end, this caused Iron Man to lead a group that supported the program or called Pro Registration. Then Captain America led a group that did not support the program called Anti Registration, with the two fighting each other in this event. After the fight, Tony Stark or Iron Man becomes Director of SHIELD, and after that, there is a way about death although temporarily from Captain America. It took years for Thore, Iron Man and Cap to correct their actions. Marvel & many people like this story.

Age of Apocalypse

The Apocalypse was mentioned as the first mutant in the Marvel Universe, the original name was ‘En Sabah Nur’, or what could be interpreted as ‘The First’. He was born with gray and also blue skin around his face and received the gift of possessing a strong power from birth. The various powers he has include flying, immunity, superpowers, teleportation, telekinesis, and invincible. So the Age of Apocalypse tells us that Xavier’s son who is David Heller or Legion decided to make his father’s dream come true. He times travel and returned to the past when Magneto and Xavier were friends.

He wanted to kill Magneto and get rid of those who were blocking Charles Xavier. Of course, this was very wrong because at that time they were still friends, and Charles jumped from the explosion. Immediately the explosion killed him and sent waves of reality all the time. This results in the world as we know it is frozen in crystal bubbles and also creating alternative universes. In this new world, the Apocalypse woke up earlier, before the X-Men could be formed to stop it, and he managed to take over the world.

‘Night Gwen Stacy Died’

Like the title, this worth Comic Download story tells of the events that caused Gwen Stacy to die. Beyond Uncle Ben’s death, you could say that Amazing Spider-Man 121-122 are the most important issue in the whole life of Peter Parker. The story begins with Norman Osborn, who returns to Green Goblin, kidnaps Peter Parker’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy and throws himself off the bridge. It seems that Spider-Man managed to save him, and his net managed to catch his ankle. However, suddenly the net stopped and tied his neck. This is truly a very tragic story, it was a big and unpredictable surprise. Peter Parker’s heart was completely destroyed and he was still surprised by what he did. Also in 1973, it was something that could make many people interested in seeing comics, especially superhero comics, of course in very different ways.

The Dark Phoenix Saga

Dark Phoenix Saga, until now still referred to as the best story of X-Men. Dark Phoenix Saga began it’s way back in 1976 when Jean Gray first came into contact with Phoenix Force. This is the work of Chris Claremont also John Byrne, with truly great moments for many individual members of X-Men. That’s it, you can read those comics with Comic Download.

May 082018

Review Of The Best Marvel Comics

In the following article, we will discuss the review of some of the best comics from Marvel. There have been many Marvel comics that are very interesting to read besides the films from Marvel itself which are very interesting to watch. One of the Marvel comics that deserves to be the main choice is the Infinity Gauntlet.

Thanos’s Character on Infinity Gauntlet Comics

Well maybe this comic series has been read by many people, or maybe you know it. Back then when the trailer for Infinity War was released, we know it that the story is from the comic miniseries. But the artwork maybe not liked by some people because there is no old raster technology or vector-like right now. But in terms of story, this comic is good even though in the ending section it’s strange. But who understands the old comic story, they can admit it. Sometimes the dialogue is weird according to some people. The story is actually funny, compared to the film. But Thanos’s motivation here looking for an infinity gauntlet doesn’t make sense, but you can try to read it yourself.

X-Men Magneto Testament

This comic from Marvel, of course, is a Marvel Comic masterpiece. Not like in mainstream Marvel comics such the criminals versus superheroes. Here is said Magneto, when he was 15 when he was in the Holocaust era, this Magneto was a Jew, so from a small age. He got discrimination and his family’s loss because they were killed by the Nazis. Initial impressions after reading the first page, some people think this comic is definitely good. From artwork to diction, it’s not too ‘cheesy’ or forced. This comic reminds some people of the Schindler List movie or The Pianist. In terms of the comic story, it looks more like the comics from the publisher outside the Marvel or DC. It doesn’t look like this is a Marvel comic. Anyway, if you are fans of Marvel, you must read this comic.

‘Daredevil Born Again’

Have you seen TV series Daredevil on Netflix? If you like TV series, you would love to read this comic. This title is more arc story, so from what chapter to the next chapter the story is connected. Also sometimes Marvel makes a paperback. So it’s really long, but some people really like that the dialogue isn’t cheap and seems childish. The conflict is also not as simple as other Marvel comics, here it is told that the deeper conflict of Kingpin and Matt Murdock (Daredevil). The story told about the Kingpin knows the Daredevil identity so friends or people closest to Daredevil are targeted. This comic is good, including many people favorite comics.

Of course, there are many more comics from Marvel that are very fun and worth reading. For example, like the Civil War, Annihilation comics and other Marvel comics. That’s it information this time which discusses the review of some of best Marvel’s comics. I hope this review can be useful for all of you, especially fans of Marvel comics.

Jan 032018

Review Of The Best DC Comics

Of the many superhero comics published by DC Comics, there are several famous series that take a background in the future. Most of the comics do tell an alternative world, but still, the comics with a future background are also interesting and much in demand by DC fans. Are you curious about the future of the superheroes we know, to answer that curiosity, this time we will discuss some of those comics?

Kingdom Come 1-4 Comic

This DC comic is one of the most immersive stories of the future and which is definitely a loss if you miss it. This comic that tells the story of one of the alternatives for the future of DC was raised by the duo of Alex Ross and also Mark Waid. Tells about a bearded Superman and an old beard and his activities turn into taking care of the fields, Flash continues to move faster until he is invisible, and Batman needs an outer frame to support his already destroyed body.

Meanwhile, the world peace that the superhero fought during his life is now getting away from his grasp. At this time, the world hailed an antihero group led by Magog. Until there seems to be no more hope for the old superheroes. But the new JLA was activated again and again fought against Magog in beautiful panels by Alex Ross.

‘Batman Dark Knight Return’ Comic

Best DC Comics of Batman from the author Frank Miller can be said the best DC story that cannot be doubted. This work is set in the future whose even inspired Steve Mc Niven and also Mark Miller to make comic Logan Old Man. Setting it up for the next twenty years, where Bruce Wayne has retired as Batman. Unfortunately, because the city of Gotham is still littered with criminals who have no mercy on others.

And what worse is, mortal enemies like the Joker also Twi Face are still free to roam to support their crazy brains. Finally, Batman (Dark Knight) must return to action wearing his black costume. On the other hand, Superman has become a government tool to hunt him down. The battle between the two was inevitable. This story of ‘Dark Knight Returns’ is also one of the stories that inspired the film Batman versus Superman ‘Dawn of Justice’.

‘DC One Million’ 1-4 Comic

This DC comic experiment is to make the story more exciting than ever, DC made alternative continuity in the 53rd century. With Kryptonite bullets, end of the world in the true sense and Arkham Asylum on Pluto. DC One Million was made to commemorate the first edition of a million published.

‘Whatever Happened to Man of Tomorrow’, Superman 432, Action Comics 583

Are you curious about how are the last days of the big hero Superman? That question was answered by Alan Moore who was asked to complete Superman continuity before re-booting in mid-1986. Alan Moore made the story about last days of Superman by attacking the Solitude Fortress by his greatest enemies which are Lex Luthor, Legion of Super Villain and also Brainiac. In this comic, Superman was thought to have died, but at the end of the story, it is told that the hero is still alive using his civilian identity.

That’s all the review about a review of some of the best comics from DC comic. For you DC fans, of course, you have to know some of the comics above which are indeed the best comics from DC comics. Of course, there are still many more exciting comics from DC comics. Hopefully, this info can be useful for all of you.